Donate now to provide hands-on STEAM education to children and adults in Fremont County. image

Donate now to provide hands-on STEAM education to children and adults in Fremont County.

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We are Fremont County's STEAM resource for learners of all ages

Maker Space 307 supports creative ideas, inventions, and startups by teaching people how to use the tools and technology necessary for them to make their own way

At Maker Space 307, we foster learning by making. Sometimes making is a collaborative process that requires common space, sometimes making is learning how to use new materials and new equipment to support creative ideas. Making is the best way for people to learn everything from science to art with skills that span traditional to technical.

Classes, Workshops, and Summer Camps for Making

We offer classes and workshops for adults, conducted by professional artisans and technicians to bring our community together around the excitement of learning new things by making. Classes are often organized in a progressive order so participants can develop greater competencies by taking workshops as a series or taking one out of a sequence to try something new or add to previous knowledge.

There are kids’ summer camps where kids build everything from anemometers to soapbox derby cars; tell stories through films, and become citizen scientists. We make from scratch, no kits, which only teach kids to read instructions.

Making In Schools

We work with schools to develop hands-on learning for any subject. We work with after-school programs to provide opportunities to stimulate imagination and understanding in project-based learning; for fun and to re-enforce state and federal school standards. Our staff brings PTSB training to schools to learn new ways to use their equipment and facilities to promote hands-on learning and STEAM.

A Forum for Makers

We provide opportunities to learn from each other and highly skilled makers - we help people make their way. Our space and philosophy allow everyone to learn and iterate at their own pace.